Are you a merchant or trader looking to expand your product range and grow your revenue?
Then you need to become a Cashi Partner!


Become financially empowered.

Cashi Partners are given one of our special Cashi point of sale devices or applications, to help them sell new services. With a Cashi point of sale device or application, you can offer airtime, electricity, TV subscriptions and many other products for sale in your outlet to your customers.

You simply use our point of sale to make a payment for your customer, and you collect a fee or commission – all with the pressing of a few buttons.

HOW DO I #getCashi?


our Hotline on 3293 and speak one of our friendly customer care team


your details over the call with our customer care team


for our Cashi Representative to visit your outlet and set up your point of sale

Easy tracking of daily transactions

By using our Cashi point of sale for all your transactions, you create a wonderfully neat and secure digital transaction ledger for yourself. This makes it so easy to check your daily transactions and keep on top of your working capital.


Trusted & Secure

Cashi is built on internationally recognised super secure technology and is fully licenced by the Central Bank of Sudan. We respect you and your customer’s privacy 100% and everything in our systems is encrypted and safely stored.


Reliable & Consistent

Cashi brings a level of reliablity never seen before in Sudan. Our technology is so robust. In addition, our support services and engineers are always on standby in case of any emergency.


Always Improving

We are commit to constantly improving our technology, our systems and our product offerings. We care deeply about our partnership with you and we will always strive to serve you better and to bring you the latest in global payment trends.

Coming Soon! The next generation of points of sale - the Cashi for Merchants Application

Soon you will not need to wait until our Cashi Representatives brings you a point of sale machine, you will be able to just download our special Cashi for Merchants app from the Android Playstore and start making money with just a simple registration!


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