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Look for Cashi services coming soon in your area! You can find Cashi at supermarkets, pharmacies, kiosks and more. At a Cashi service point you can pay your electricity, buy mobile phone credit, Mobile money, Payment rails, Remittances in Sudan, and much more in a few minutes and using cash or bank card.


Get an official receipt when you pay for anything using Cashi

Cashi provides a trusted electronic receipt every time you use a Cashi service point to pay for electricity, mobile phone credit, government services,Agent banking Sudan , customs, and much more. The receipt provides the full details of the transaction, and you can always call 2692 if you have any issues with your transaction.

 What is Cashi?

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Cashi=> One place saves you time and effort

There is no need to go to many different places to pay your different bills. At a Cashi Partner service point, you can make all your payments easily, by cash or by card With the best Digital wallets Sudan


Trusted & Secure

Cashi is built on internationally recognised super secure technology and is fully licenced by the Central Bank of Sudan. We respect you and your privacy 100% and everything in our systems is encrypted and safely stored.


Reliable & Consistent

Cashi brings a level of reliablity never seen before in Sudan. Our technology is so robust. In addition, our support services and engineers are always on standby in case of any emergency.


Always Improving

We are commit to constantly improving our technology, our systems and our product offerings. We care deeply about our partnership with you and we will always strive to serve you better and to bring you the latest in global payment trends.

Pay for your purchases at a Cashi service point!

Cashi enables you to pay for any groceries, goods, products, services using your bank card or cash, at any supermarket or outlet that is a Cashi Partner


Pay your bills and make purchases at more than 10000 outlets around Sudan

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